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You must include a title, introduction, four f-a questions in the body, and a conclusion.

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You will write no less than 275-word to no greater than 350-word per Focus Area (F-A) question. You must include a title, introduction, four F-A questions in the body, and a conclusion. Each focus area will be a level 1 heading. Thoroughly discussing the four focus area questions: a. F-A1: What is the purpose of the mental, spiritual, physical, and nutritional readiness domain and how can you as a Leader improve the organizational climate through this domain? b. F-A2: Movement lethality is the ability to apply and sustain the right amount of strength, endurance, and speed to meet the demands of training, combat, and occupational physical tasks. With consideration to optimal mental function and the doctrinally defined movement skills as a point of reference, describe how a unit would incorporate, assess, and predict an organization performance during contact with an enemy. c. F-A3: The principles of physical readiness include Precision, Progression, and Integration. Using examples, describe how a unit could incorporate in a training plan to perform physically and mentally in extreme environments carrying a heavy load.
d. F-A4: Good sleep is essential for optimal performance and readiness. As a Leader, discuss ways you can promote healthy sleep for yourself and your subordinates.


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