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Compose a 3-4 page essay performing a rhetorical analysis of your selected text.

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Single Source Analysis
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File APA Template(2)(1).docx APA Template(2)(1).docx – Alternative Formats (21.203 KB)
File Rhetorical_Analysis.pdf Rhetorical_Analysis.pdf – Alternative Formats (30.245 KB)
You must successfully complete (grade of 70 or higher) your Research Proposal before beginning this assignment.
For your Single Source Analysis, you will begin your research on your chosen career/career field. The source text you analyze for this essay will make up a portion of the research for your Final Research Project.
Single Source Analysis Steps
1. From the University Library, select one source text on the topic of your chosen career or career field.
Peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles are the preferred type of source text. You may also select a book, and may analyze selected chapters or sections rather than the entire book (excluding textbooks). You are not restricted to articles or book chapters, but your selected text should be relevant, appropriate, and timely with regard to your career or career field overall.
Acceptable source texts should be approximately 12 or more full pages.
For help finding a source text, ASK A LIBRARIAN.
If you wish for me to approve your source prior to your analyzation, send the DIRECT LINK to your source in an email. I will respond with “Approved” or “Not Approved w/reason.”
2. Compose a 3-4 page essay performing a rhetorical analysis of your selected text.
Your essay should first and foremost examine the rhetorical situation and rhetorical appeals of your selected text.
The secondary purpose of your essay is to relate what you have discovered from your selected source text to your personal career search. What new information did you learn about your career/career field? What more do you hope to discover about your career/career field as you continue your research?
3. Submit your essay (below, “Attach File”/”Browse Local Files”) as a Word Document file attachment by the deadline.
4. Check to make sure your submission was received and uploaded correctly.
Single Source Analysis Guidelines
Word Document (.doc OR .docx) -see Assignment Format & Submission guidelines in the Syllabus*
Use the attached APA Template for formatting.
Use APA Sample Paper for content guidelines.
Title Page is not included in page count.
Abstract is NOT required for this assignment. If an abstract is present, is is not included in the page count.
You do not need a title for your essay (Single Source Analysis is fine); the title of your selected text is NOT the title of your essay. Include the full, correctly formatted title of your selected text in the introductory paragraph. Indicate what type of source you use (article, book chapter, etc.). If your text is from a larger text (ex. article from a journal), indicate this as well using correct and properly title formatting per APA guidelines.
All quotations and/or paraphrases must be use proper punctuation and be properly cited per APA guidelines parenthetically (in-text).
References page (not included in page count) should have the complete and fully-formatted bibliographical citation for your source text (copied from the library), including doi or direct url (permalink).
Remember: APA uses past-tense verbs!
*Do NOT submit assignments as .pdf or .pages files, links to Google docs or other cloud storages, or via e-mail. They will NOT be accepted, and you risk receiving a “late” or “no submission” penalty.
Essay Assessment
Your Single Source Analysis is worth 100 points. There is no grading rubric for this assignment. Your essay will be graded on completeness (did you fully and appropriately respond to all parts of the prompt(s)?) and quality (does your essay meet all requirements?).
I will provide written feedback on the assignment as well as occasional in-text comments at the time of grading.
Grades on Major Composition Assignments are non-negotiable. If there is a technical issue with your submission (wrong file type, etc.), I will enter a grade of 0 and request a resubmission of the assignment as part of my written feedback. Once the resubmission is graded, the 0 will be replaced with the actual grade. The same applies for submissions which do not meet the minimum requirements or do not follow the instructions for the assignment. I will only accept resubmissions if I have requested them. See Revision Policy from the Syllabus, below.
You may submit any assignment (except the Final Research Project) early (up to 48 hours prior to the deadline) and request feedback. I will conduct a cursory assessment of your assignment and provide written feedback for improvement. You may then resubmit your assignment with changes. I will provide a final grade for the last assignment submission received by the deadline.
All Major Composition Assignments are set so that you may submit as many times as necessary. For instance, if you accidentally upload an incorrect file, you do not need to email me about it. You can simply upload the correct file just as you did your first submission. I will always grade the last file submitted and received by the deadline.
Revision Policy (from the Syllabus)
You are allowed revision and regrading for one composition (excluding the Research Project) at the end of the semester. After your Review of Literature is graded and returned to you with my feedback, select the composition you would like to revise and resubmit. Revise your composition to the best of your ability and submit it by December 5. It will be graded at the same time as your Research Project, and your new grade will replace your original grade. If your revision receives a lower grade than your original grade, your original grade will be your final grade. Revising a composition is optional. Late revisions will not be accepted. Revisions may be submitted early but will not be graded early so there is no time spent estimating what you need to score on your Research Project, potentially compromising the quality of your work.


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