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Assignment objective:

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Computer sciences and Information technology | 0 comments

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Assignment Objective:
Develop and present (online or in-person) a term paper that provides an answer to the question: “How can developers create an AI that supports and serves human activity while preserving our freedom to explore, learn, and grow… yet the AI also has the freedom to explore, learn and grow as a unique intellect? How do we ensure that a more-capable AI becomes a partner to humanity versus becoming our enemy, or perhaps just eventually ignoring us?”
Papers will be graded on grammar, spelling, content and format.
Create a 10-slide presentation on the content of your paper. Your Presentation is a key requirement that is required to pass the course. Failure to provide a presentation (online or in-person) will result in a failing grade for the course, regardless of your other scores.
Format Requirements for Term Paper:
7-pages, excluding the cover page and citations.
double line spacing
1-inch margins on all sides
APA formatting.


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