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What would you look for if you were planning to switch systems?

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Economics | 0 comments

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Imagine the promise of cutting costs on electric consumption, replacement costs for equipment, and server administration while speeding up the ease of upgrading users and adding new users to the system. All you need to do is convince your CIO that if you time it just right, the switching costs are a plus not a minus.
You and the other members of this class have been tasked with finding sound economic arguments to support moving to cloud computing. Use this discussion to develop them. Be sure to include economic counterarguments as this discussion evolves (what could go wrong?).
Let’s apply what we’ve learned to the dreaded “conversion experience”. The current operating system where you work is on its last legs and it’s time to upgrade or switch. What factors go into making this decision?
Follow the steps below and use the bullets in Step 4 to structure your paper.
Step 1. Describe
Describe the characteristics needed to make an any computer operating system viable for your organization. [If you’re not currently working outside the home, think of an organization you know.]
Research an open source (e.g., Linux) and a proprietary alternative (e.g., latest MS Windows OR Mac OS). Some things to think about:
What does your organization do with computers?
Who does your organization interact with? How does it interact?
What would you look for if you were planning to switch systems?
Step 2. Analyze
Using the economic concepts from this course, analyze your own organization and how its needs fit your research of operating systems.
Describe the relevant aspects of your current computer system(s).
What are all of the costs involved in switching to another operating system? (hardware? software? what else?)?
Are there benefits to the new software/hardware for your organization? Drawbacks?
Step 3. Apply theories
Discuss your findings in relationship to the readings for this module. Use the economic theories and concepts to support your analysis and conclusions.
Step 4. Report your findings, analysis, and conclusions
Please be sure to include the following information:
Describe organization (including information from Step 1)
Identify current operating system
Identify alternative operating system you’re analyzing for this assignment
Identify all of the costs and benefits of the alternative operating system.
Use the economic theories and concepts from this (and previous) module to analyze what you found and draw conclusions.
Notes about submissions:
Students frequently ask me how long this assignment should be—it depends on your writing style, but the range for most students will be three to five pages. What I’m looking for is an analysis in which you draw conclusions, based on your research and supported by the economic readings.
Be sure to cite your sources (including readings and classmates) if you use any ideas from others (whether you’re directly quoting them or not).
Make sure that your name is on your paper someplace!
Assignments should be single-spaced and left justified (both are the default settings).
Please follow all instructions carefully and correctly. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE!!


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