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Start your research by doing a search of Recent Court Cases using your computer’s browser with key words: Your assigned state, DNA, Cold Case, State Police, Acquittal, Clearance, Exoneration etc.
Topic: Recent DNA Case In The State Chosen For You.
You must include the following information in your research.
1. What DNA criminal case have you researched in your assigned state?
2. What are the specifics of your case? Date, location, circumstances, victims, criminal outcome?
3. How was DNA used to solve, exonerate or support the criminal case you chose?
4. Did DNA affect the outcome of your criminal case? Why?
5. Has DNA changed the criminal justice system in the assigned state you are researching? How?
6. Was there any controversies regarding the use of DNA within your assigned state where you researched your case?
The state that I was assigned is Alaska


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