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What is its typical function?

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Art | 0 comments

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Watch videos and answer five of the eight questions in essay format. Answer each of the five questions in a paragraph or more and then weave the paragraphs into an essay. Make sure there is flow and logic in the essay.
Thomas Hirschhorn
 What is a monument? What is its typical function?
 List some materials used in creating public monuments and explain why they are used.
 Describe the similarities and differences between a monument and a work of public art.
 Describe the materials and tools used by Hirschhorn and the Forest Houses residents to
create Gramsci Monument. Why did Hirschhorn use those materials? What are their
benefits and challenges?
 Why is Antonio Gramsci important to Thomas Hirschhorn? Compare or relate Gramsci
Monument to other more traditional monuments.
 How do the residents of Forest Houses respond to Hirschhorn’s project?
 What do their statements about the project say about coexisting with the work, as well as
the effects of making and sharing in this work?
 What did Hirschhorn and the Forest Houses residents gain from the project? Why create
an impermanent monument like this one?


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