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Why does crane deliberately place the dinghy’s crew in sight of land?

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ZITKALA-SA, ►The School Days of an Indian Girl, LINK ( How does this piece illustrate the condition of being caught between two drastically different worlds? How does she use the education of native children as a metaphor for the unfortunate perceptions felt by the white race? What is the most striking passage of the piece for you? SARAH ORNE JEWETT, ►A White Heron, 173 ( 7 PDF LISTED BELOW) By refusing to betray the heron’s secret, what is Sylvia rejecting (and in favor of what)? What is the hunter’s goal (and is it achieved)? What role does the narrative voice play in our understanding of Sylvia’s choices? Why do you believe Sylvia made the right or wrong decision? What does the heron’s pine tree represent for Sylvia? What makes this tale Romantic (according to Norris)? What makes it Realistic? What makes it Naturalistic? STEPHEN CRANE, ►A Man Said to the Universe, 180 ( 1 PDF LISTED BELOW) How does this very short poem represent Crane’s view of a “universe essentially indifferent to man?” What relationship is established between the “man” and the “universe”? ►The Open Boat, LINK ( What does the story tell us about perceptions and observations of people in a crisis? What is the effect of our being told early in the story that the men are not near a rescue station? Why does Crane deliberately place the dinghy’s crew in sight of land? How does Crane’s view of the human community arise out of his view of the natural forces surrounding and working upon humans?


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