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The think cultural health website has outlined several national standards to facilitate health equity.

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Topic: Puerto Rican Culture 4 pages essay One aspect of providing patient-centered care is assuring that nursing care be culturally and spiritually sensitive; this is particularly critical in the nursing assessment process. The Think Cultural Health website has outlined several national standards to facilitate health equity. The foremost standard is to: Provide effective, equitable, understandable, and respectful quality care and services that are responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices, preferred languages, health literacy, and other communication needs (Think Cultural Health, 2019). Identify the linguistic affiliation. Provide an overview of the selected culture. Use a cultural model such as Purnell’s model for cultural competence, Leininger’s sunshine model or other transcultural model of choice as a guide for the overview. At a minimum, the summary should address the following items: family organization including children, head of household, view of women; view of health, healthcare, and healthcare providers, view of older adults, unique dietary practices, work-life view and economy, pregnancy and childbearing practices, prevalence of disease, spirituality, and death rituals. Use at least two scholarly sources in gathering the information for the summary. Select two aspects from the above list. Analyze/discuss the nursing implications of each and how they affect the nursing assessment process. Search for a nursing research article related to this culture. Topics might be: social norms, pharmacology, pain management, substance abuse, etc. Briefly summarize the results of the research. Were any nursing implications identified? How could the art of nursing be reflected in the care of a person and their family from this culture? Be creative – there’s no right or wrong answer. Seventh edition APA format should be followed, including Cover and Reference Page(s). Provide links to the journal articles you used on the reference page below the list of references. (This is not an APA requirement, but you are being asked to provide as you are learning APA.) Length of paper (Body of the paper) is 4 pages (minus the Cover Page & References Page).


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