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Identify the fallacy and why you think that this particular type of advertisement represents the fallacy that you have chosen.
—–> In addition to your initial post, respond to at least two of your peers` posts.
I wanted to take a second to talk about hasty generalization and accident; two fallacies covered in chapter 7.
First, it`s good to review the definition of a generalization. That`s a claim about a group (of people, things, events) that generally holds true. It`s different than a categorical claim that`s supposed to be true of every member in the group.
So, if I told you that students are generally under 50? Generalization. If I tell you all of them are studying healthcare related subjects? Categorical.
Generalizations can cause a lot of problems. But they are useful thinking tools. The trick is to make sure your generalizations about the group are based on rigourous, scientific observation. Our Caveman Brain is too quick to generalize, and makes assumptions about a group based on our personal and limited experience.
So, for example, we might think sharks are dangerous because we`ve seen these guys on TV
…but the reality is, if we looked at the entire population, we`d find that most sharks are harmless.

Accident is a related fallacy, where we take a valid generalization and try to apply it to specific cases. So, it`s true that most sharks are harmless, but if we decide to pet the guy in the picture based on that generalization, we`re going to be in trouble!
2) respond to the peer
There is this ad that stood out to me a lot and it was aired in 2019 as one of Super Bowls commercial advertisement. The ad was about the soda company Pepsi and the title of the video is called More Than Ok. The commercial starts off with a lady trying to order a coke but instead the waiter asked if Pepsi is ok?. He asked that question because that phrase is frequently use a lot in restaurants and after the interaction between the two, actor and comedian Steve Carell appears and is amazed by their interaction. When he starts talking to the waiter, his change of tone was disgusted by how the waiter asked if Pepsi is ok. Steve Carell asked multiple questions to the waiter if having puppies is ok, a child`s laughter, etc. to let him know that having a Pepsi is more than ok. Soon later two other very known people appear which is Lil Jon and Cardi B. and they use their catch phrase to let us the audience know that having a Pepsi is more than ok. Lil Jon catch phrase is "Okaaay" as it is also spelled out on his gold chain that he is wearing around his neck in the commercial and Cardi B. is "okurrr". Afterwards towards the end of the video the lady, the waiter, Steve Carell, and Cardi B. are shown all together and now the lady wants a Pepsi. This advertisement is a example of Bandwagon Fallacy which was talked about in chapter 7 in our book stating "The attempt is made to induce us to do something by making us feel out of step with things if we don`t." (Moore & Parker, 2020, pg. 216). In the commercial the lady just wanted a coke as a drink to begin with but the moment the waiter asked if Pepsi is ok, everyone else appeared and talked about how Pepsi is more than ok and the better option to have rather than a coke so at the end she wants a Pepsi because she was influenced by the other people talking a lot of good things about Pepsi. Another example of this advertisement is called Appeal to Emotion which was also talked about in our chapter reading of this week in chapter 6 which states "When a speaker or writer "supports" a contention by playing on our emotion rather than by producing a real argument." (Moore & Parker, 2020, pg. 194). The reason this advertisement is a example of Appeal to Emotion because throughout the whole video the moment that Steve Carell appeared and was disgusted by the waiter asking if Pepsi is ok gave away that he is using this type of emotion so that the waiter feels guilty that he asked if Pepsi is ok but Steve wants him to know that it is more than ok to have. Also when Lil Jon and Cardi B. came it the emotion they bought into the commercial was funny but entertaining so that we can drawn to that and make us want a Pepsi by the end of the video which the lady wanted a Pepsi instead of coke.


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