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Patient case download patient case problem list hypertension ascvd prevention type 2 diabetes bph *need to write assessment/plan for the first two problems only students will complete this assignment individually and submitted in a word or pdf format in canvas.

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Overview of the SOAP Note Assignment Pharmacists, along with other healthcare providers, follow a systematic structure for documenting patient care plans known as SOAP notes. SOAP notes aligns with the Pharmacist Patient Care Process and are used by pharmacists in various clinical settings, such as inpatient and ambulatory care practice sites. It is important for pharmacy students to understand the foundational components of a SOAP note, evaluate a patient case, and create a SOAP note to clearly and succinctly communicate their recommendations. This is a critical skill that will be evaluated throughout the didactic curriculum. Learning Objectives Collect subjective and objective patient data. Assess patient data. Prioritize disease- and drug-related problems. Formulate patient-specific, evidence-based care plans and recommendations. Document treatment plans. SOAP Note Patient Case Students will review the following patient case and write a SOAP note to address additional medical problems. The SOAP note (i.e., Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) will focus on all non-hyponatremia problems. As such, the Subjective and Objectives will be different from the BMS SOAP note. Students must include a prioritized problem list of all relevant cardiovascular problems at the beginning of the Assessment. Please note, this list may be different from the one included in the SOAP note for BMS since students will learn more about cardiology-related topics in this module. Patient case Download Patient case Problem List Hypertension ASCVD prevention Type 2 diabetes BPH *Need to write Assessment/Plan for the first two problems only Students will complete this assignment individually and submitted in a Word or PDF format in Canvas. This assignment will be assessed for plagiarism through TurnItIn. You can view your Originality Report immediately after you submit the assignment. Instructions for viewing your report can be found here (Links to an external site.). If necessary, you can resubmit the assignment, BUT you must resubmit before the deadline.


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