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Linkedin (client) infousa d&b hoover google finance and yahoo finance social media sites= linkedin, twitter, facebook the client’s website- about us page and press page online trade publications, including magazines focused on convenience stores information (submit your responses to the below in d2l along with the answers to the questions below) name of firm naic or sic number number of employees description of business headquarter address and phone number key management names how long has each management

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You are a salesperson for an entrepreneurial, emerging company in the consumer-packaged goods world, Ag-Kru Foods. Your flagship product is called the PizzaMunch, a portable, healthy pizza product. Ag-Kru Foods has gained distribution in several well-known grocery stores and mass merchandizer. However, the next step for sales growth targets convenience stores. Your firm has very little experience in this channel of trade. Background Info Your supervisor has informed you via email that she would like you to conduct research on two leads (i.e., convenience store chains) in your territory. She has provided you with an information template. Her direction are as follows: Choose two convenience stores in your geographic area. I would like to know as much as much about the leads as possible. My plan would be to meet with the top management group in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Use a number of the following resources to conduct research and complete the background information for the leads. Submit the typed, completed information sheet by the assigned due date. You may modify the information sheets as you deem appropriate. Please ensure the format and content is professional as your document will be submitted to our chief operating officer as well. A good use of paragraphs and spacing to separate ideas is always helpful. (post in D2l discussion board) Please include citation for each source of information (APA 7). You can use any data source that is available to you. Also consider using the following website and databases to collate information if available. LinkedIn (client) InfoUSA D&B Hoover Google finance and Yahoo finance Social media sites= LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook The client’s website- about us page and press page Online trade publications, including magazines focused on convenience stores Information (Submit your responses to the below in D2L along with the answers to the questions below) Name of Firm NAIC or SIC Number Number of employees Description of business Headquarter address and phone number Key management names How long has each management member of management been employed in the firm Contact information for the top three manager- email and phone if possible Revenue or income for the most recent year Profit for the most recent year Recent news about the firm (what could you discuss) Awards/honors for the firm and any of its top management Other information that would assist in starting a conversation/creating rapport Three key industry trends affecting convenience stores and its prepared food sections/sales Questions: Now that you have completed the information template, what websites did you find most valuable? What was the most difficult information to find and why? How will you use some of this information be helpful with the selling plan you are working on?


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