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In order to stay focused, there is a word count for the paragraph that you need to stay within (150-250 words).

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Please read instructions carefully before completing this assignment:
Primary Source: John Winthrop “A Model of Christian Charity” excerpt: (Links to an external site.)
In this paper you are going to present the historical context for the primary source. You will not be using the primary source in this paper, just the textbook for this. What was happening at the time in which the source was created? What was the world like? What was the culture and atmosphere? Who was the author or creator of the source?
Remember that this exercise is not about finding every bit of information you can but finding the historical context that is pertinent to the source. In order to stay focused, there is a word count for the paragraph that you need to stay within (150-250 words). The minimum is there to ensure that you are providing sufficient depth; the maximum is there to ensure that you stay focused on what is pertinent. No word vomit (where you write everything you can find). Focus on the context that is necessary to understand the primary source.
There`s a sample attached to help you understand this exercise. (DO NOT USE): Notice how in the sample paper there are specific examples taken from the textbook to support the historical context. Two of the examples are quotes that have been functionalized, while the third involves paraphrasing information from the textbook. Do not use broad generalizations when you`re writing, use specific examples that support your claims about the historical context. Whether they are quoted or paraphrased they still need to be cited.
This paper is just on the historical context for the primary source, not on the source itself. In the sample paper, the primary source only appears at the end of the paper as a transition sentence. At no point in this paper should you be summarizing the primary source or describing it. Stay focused on the context. You need to make sure you have the context down.
Formatting Needed:
One paragraph of 150-250 words
1” margins
12pt Times New Roman
Double spaced
Title: Name of the primary source
All quotes and paraphrasing must be cited using in-text parenthetical citations.
At the end of the sentence (not quote)
Textbook (Author last name, page) = (Shi, 87)
Primary Source (Author last name) or (Short title) = (Equiano) or (Middle Passage)
In this paper you should only be using the textbook for the historical context.
No outside sources may be used in this paper.


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