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If you are interested in reading about it at this time.

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In this module, we discussed Ethos, Pathos and Logos as three dimensions of Aristotle’s interpretation of rhetoric. These concepts were originally the framing device for rhetorical criticism using the method of “Aristotelian Analysis”.
Please pick any pop culture artifact and write a brief Aristotelian analysis about it. Specifically, you should make an argument about your chosen movie, show, book, etc. by discussing ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and/or logos (logic).
This assignment is not designed to be too complicated. Pick an artifact of your choice and write at least one paragraph about any logic, emotion, or credibility that you find throughout the story. Over the past few centuries, our understanding of Aristotelian analysis has evolved, and today, many rhetorical critics apply a method called “NeoAristotelian Analysis.”
For this assignment, you are only required to write about ethos, pathos, and/or logos. This assignment is about a classical Aristotelian analysis of popular culture. However, there are additional resources to learn more about Neo Aristotelian analysisLinks to an external site. if you are interested in reading about it at this time.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate completion of the lecture videos about rhetoric and Aristotle and apply the concept to an artifact of popular culture.
1. Apply the concept of rhetoric to popular culture artifacts.
2. Experience communicating about ethos, pathos, and logos.
1. You should pick any popular culture artifact of your choice. It can be a movie, a television show, a video game, a musical artifact, a book, a viral video, or a post on social media, among others.
2. Please write at least one paragraph identifying any instances of logic, emotion, and/or credibility in your artifact.


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