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” explain the taste of the soup and how does it make you feel.”

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I need it to be four pages with the correct MLA format it needs to include these interview questions that i asked to fit the story. “when did your grandpa start making his soup”. “why does he makes it”. ” Explain the taste of the soup and how does it make you feel.” “does the soup have a special meaning to you. ” how often does he make posole.” ” would you one day like to make posole for yourself and your future family.” ( her answers) 1. ” my grandfather has always made his special posole soup since i can remember and since my mom can remember when she was a kid. 2. ” My grandfather learned how to make his soup from his mother when he was little kid and that was his favorite meal when he was little and wanted to share it with his kids and grandkids and since we all love it too he continues to make it for every birthday and holiday. 3.” The soup taste has a kind light spice to it and makes me feel joyful because he makes it very unique compared to how other people make it so i am very picky when it comes to posole.” 4. ” t=this soup is very special to me because it is something my grandfather can share with his family that his mother shared with him, since i never got to meet her. but its nice to know we still have something from her. 5. ” he makes it pretty often for every birthday, holiday, or any big celebration. 6.” yes i would love to one day know the recipe and make it for my future family. It needs to have correct capitalization, commas put in the correct place dont base the story all on posole soup


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