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Do you think this was a wise idea?

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(1) The framers of the Constitution designed the Senate to filter the output of the sometimes hasty House. Do you think this was a wise idea? Why or why not?…….(2) Over the past few years, discussions about the viability of the electoral college have taken center stage. We saw this with the election of George W. Bush and calls to abolish the electoral college became deafening after the 2016 election. What are the benefits and risks of abolishing the electoral college? Do you believe that the Electoral College should be abolished? Why or why not….(3) What should be the most important considerations when filling judge and justice positions at the federal level? Why?…..(4) Describe what you think it takes to be an effective leader. Support your answers with examples……(5) What are the benefits of aligning with a professional mentor?After conducting research about mentors, what are the most important criteria that you will use in selecting a mentor?Who will you select as your professional mentor?


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