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An acceptable length is 5 pages or above.

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To create an ethics case study investigating a media ethics item from current news. An acceptable length is 5 pages or above. You should do the following: a) briefly overviewing the issue b) the ethics challenges it presents c) applying the appropriate ethics codes or thinking to consider how to address the situation d) use your analysis to propose the “best” way to proceed e) explain the limitation of the solution you presented But you need to include some high quality sources (such as SPJ code of ethics and ONA ethics, you can also use other sources) Rubric is attached. I will be diving into giving out names of children that have died at the hands of others. Whether it is a car crash, murder or even suicide. At what point is It too much information to give out in regard to a minor’s death. Also, if it is important to give out a child’s name, do you reference the cause of death and who could it affect when this is done. A lot of time, when we are reporting on a child’s death, we tend to consider the family of the child and how it affects them. But what about the other children that the child associated themselves with? Is giving out their name and the cause of death that important that we risk the mental health of peers? In this paper, I plan to discuss the different outcomes of giving out this information through my article research and speaking with educators in wake county about how they see this affects our children.


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