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You may use casual language or first person.

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Apply if you have access to the sources
Mini-Rhetorical Analysis
This is a mini-rhetorical analysis to practice evaluating sources and thinking critically about them. If you want to review the different elements of a rhetorical analysis, you may review the following sources:
General Rhetoric Definition and Ethos, Pathos, Logos Review
Purdue Owl Rhetorical Situation Unit, including definitions of author, purpose, audience, etc
Choose one of the following sources and perform a rhetorical analysis using the questions listed below. This is also me sneakily showing the different types of topics that you might be interested in exploring for your final paper. You may want to view or read multiple sources to be able to choose one successfully, but you do not have to read each option entirely.
My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years
Always On Fandoms and E-Sports
Social Media Activism
Want to work 9-to-5? Good luck building a career
Inside LilNasX`s Record-Breaking, Culture-Changing Summer
How Shein Hauls Are Making the Planet Unlivable
Keep in mind that this does not have to be very formal. You may use casual language or first person. You may also just copy and paste the questions into a word document and type your answers below each question. This does not have to be formatted like a formal essay.
Who is the rhetor (or author) of this piece? Do you find them credible? You may consider the author themselves and/or the general source (so, where is the article located). Who would you consider to be the audience for this piece?
What is the argument of your chosen source? What is the source trying to do or what is its purpose?
How are they making this argument? Primarily ethos, pathos, logos?
Briefly talk about whether you think the piece is effective or not-imagine yourself to be the audience. Remember that an argument can be effective and you still disagree with it or it can be ineffective even if you generally agree with what it is saying. You also do not have to agree with every source here. For example, I love Hades and played it frequently!
Finally, what is the context/situation/greater themes and discussion surrounding this piece? For example, Crash is a film about a set of characters, but deals with a greater discussion and context of prejudice, community, stereotypes, and police brutality in a post 9-11 world. What do you think is the greater discussion and context of your piece? This is a tricky one so don`t worry if you feel unsure of your response.
BONUS: Relate your choice to Social Sustainability, Bosmajian, and/or the "Culture and Defining Identities" Chapter.


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