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Why do fascist governments often claim to be socialist in some regard?

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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Please answer the following questions in order in essay format. DO NOT repeat the questions in the body of the paper. Each question should be at least 1 paragraph in your essay.
Why is fascism opposed to bourgeois democracy? Why do fascist movements revolve around charismatic leaders? Why must fascist governments devolve into totalitarian rule? Why are obedience, order, and loyalty to the State and leader necessary for a fascist movement/government? (Cite readings 15, 38, 98, 100, 56, 72, 78,)
Why is nationalism a necessary precursor to fascism and what role do mythology and pseudo-historical accounts play in the foundation of fascist propaganda? Why is logical consistency superfluous to fascist movements and propaganda? (Cite readings 11, 14, 15, 38, 58, 99, 101)
Why are military veterans and militaristic propaganda a core component of a fascist movement? (Cite readings 14, 56, 58, 78,)
Why is racism and bigotry intrinsic to fascist movements? How do fascist leaders use racism and bigotry to build popular support for their leadership? (Cite readings 24, 101, 59, 60, 58, 78, 85)
Explain why the socialism of fascist governments is not really socialism at all. Why do fascist governments often claim to be socialist in some regard? Are fascist movements opposed to actual socialism (Marxism, communism, anarchism)? (Cite readings 11, 14, 38, 100, 59, 60, 78)
By what methods do fascist revolutionaries attempt to seize control of the State? Cite historical examples (Cite Readings 15, 38)
According to Evola, what is the basis of authority? In past epochs who does Evola identify as the embodiment of this authority and why? How does this differ from political authority in the present epoch?
What are the differences between Evola’s Traditionalist perspective and the perspectives of the fascist movements in Italy, German, and Spain we examined? Why would Evola’s Traditionalist perspective have been a threat to the authority of fascist dictators like Mussolini and Hitler?
What parallels do you see between the perspectives of fascist movements you have learned about in this course and the right wing of contemporary American politics? (You may draw on your own knowledge and/or outside sources to answer this question)


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