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– who are the product`s major direct competitors?

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d. Competitive analysis
(1) Consider all options consumers might consider in their purchasing decisions.
(2) Start the section by identifying direct (same category) and indirect (different category) competitors and discuss the following:
– In what category or categories does the product compete?
– Who are the product`s major direct competitors? Why are they considered as direct competitors?
-Who are indirect competitors? Why are they considered as indirect competitors?
(3) Compare and contrast direct and indirect competitors in terms of the following:
Product attributes & functions
– Current positioning & personality of the product
– Price, cost, margins
Packaging (include images in appendix, if possible), distribution
– Promotions used: current and past advertising strategies
– Media spent
-Instead of discussing one competitor after the other in terms of the above criteria, compare and contrast all
competitors for each criterion. For example, compare and contrast product attributes and functions of all
competitors first. Next, compare and contrast positioning of all competitors, etc.
(4) Comparison chart in appendix: Present the (3) information in a chart. Include the target brand.


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