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general topic—like “vacation”:
If you`ve ever been on a vacation—even just a trip downtown, what would you write about? What would you not include so the essay won`t be too long? How would you structure it? How would you format it?
Planning involves opening up your memories of an event like this, presenting a description of it that supports your main point, stated at the beginning—your THESIS sentence in the introduction. The major ideas that support the thesis are your Topic sentences, one each in the Body paragraphs, each one discussed in the body paragraphs to provide facts, examples, reasons, details—about travel plans, costs, vehicles, fellow passengers, packing, trying to arrange a suitable place to stay, lowering costs, and so on—-and that`s BEFORE you even get there!!
You soon discover there are many approaches, many ways to put it together. The CHOICE OF ORDER of the contents will be Time, Place, or Importance. Simplest here would be just chronological—the events before you left when you arrived when you left to return: Simplest. You may even discover that your trip TO somewhere can be an entire topic: I once hitched about 1000 miles (each way) in July from South Carolina to near Houston to see relatives. Slightly warm—over 100 deg., carried a too-large bag with too much in it, had almost no money, no hat (really dumb), etc. Made it, came home the same way. Lucky I wasn`t run over or robbed (someone would have been really disappointed at that), would never do it again (no one ever does this now), but it was sort of an adventure, definitely risky. The drivers one can meet range from truckdrivers who want someone—anyone—to talk to, to avoid going to sleep while driving, to a doctor, A to Z. Met the random loon… By comparison, the visit itself was sort of boring…And guess what? The paper just wrote itself.
Or you went to Florida?—maybe not during a hurricaine, and saw some amazing places or events—ORDER: TIME–while getting there, when there, then on way back. Sinple? So, “brainstorm” Introduction, to bring out your memories, then look at your random list, put in order—Make Thesis—What was your OVERALL experience, –Body paragraphs on separate parts of experience, each one introduced with a topic sentence, then the conclusion paragraph supports the thesis. FORMAT—if your computer at home has Word, it works easily to use/correct/ typed/formatted ; Cover sheet NOT numbered, pages are (no use of p. or pg or page, just number top right corner.) ALL paper is size 12 font, NO double spacing, including between paragraphs, paragraphs indented 5 spaces, ONE INCH MARGINS ON ALL SIDES. If you don`t have Word, you can send to me as PDF—or use a lab to learn how to.
Text—2 pages, about 550-600 words total.


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