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Did this surprise you?

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Identify a clinical experience you have had in nursing the Awareness:
You do NOT have to address every question under each phase, but should address at least one question from each of the 6 phases in your journal entry.
Phase 1 Awareness
Be aware of your current physical, mental, and emotional state and well-being
Sense of own comfort or discomfort and what this may be linked and ability to sit with cultural self
Become aware of personal cultural values, beliefs, and openness to exploring assumptions regarding cultural identity
Awareness of attitudes or perspectives that maybe shifting during or since reflecting on experience
What are your thoughts and feelings about the opportunity to deeply reflect on your cultural identify and culturally safe midwifery care?
What is your perspective regarding your responsibility as a future midwife to advocate and promote Culturally Safe care including now for birthing on country?

Phase 2 Remembering
Identify emotions, thoughts and actions but do not analyse these
Describe the important details of the experience
Identify what aspect of this experience appears most significant and caused you to reflect at a deeper level? (What was it about this particular experience that has triggered reflection?)

Phase 3 Reflection
What were you thinking when you were involved in this experience? Why?
Reflect deeply on how you felt and why? What emotions were experienced?
Did you notice how others were behaving during this experience – what cues did you use?
Does the experience make sense? How? Why? Why not?
Did you have any insights into your own cultural values and biases during this experience? Did this surprise you? What? How? Why? Why not?
Were you aware of the beliefs, attitudes, assumptions of others and what insights were revealed?
Reflect on the cultural values & beliefs held by the woman, partner, family – how do you know? How do you know if the woman considered the care Culturally Safe?

Phase 4 Holistic ways of Knowing
What ways of knowing did you draw on or could have drawn on as a lens to make sense of this experience? Are these ways of knowing culturally safer?
How do you know if the midwifery care provided was culturally safe?
What ways of knowing including cultural values and beliefs informing your understand and practice?
Have you drawn from a wide range of evidence including cultural ways of knowing, seeing, doing and being and in what ways are these influencing your own perspective? Are they embedded throughout the reflection?

Phase 5 Integration
How do you feel now about your own sense of cultural identity? What is different and why?
How has this experience shaped your understanding of Culturally Safe midwifery practice?
What do you now know about your journey to Cultural Humility?
In what ways will this knowing inform your decisions /practice as a future midwife?
What is the most significant learning or insights gained from this experience?
What insights have you gained into the complexity of elements important to women, babies and families regarding community, values, and cultural practices related to childbirth?
In what ways has your awareness of self and others changed that reflects a shift in, cultural values and biases?
In what ways has this influenced your midwifery philosophy? How and why?
How does the operating paradigm of your practice placement reflect Culturally Safe care and practice? How could another paradigm influence the outcomes for women?
How does this paradigm impact you and your practice as a future midwife?
What have you learned about the Culturally Safe care and what is important to the woman and her family?

Phase 6 Transformative
What will you continue doing in your practice? What might you do differently in your practice? What choices do you have to practice differently?
What actions have you implemented to support yourself because of this experience?
What actions do you plan on taking forward in your practice?
How has this experience supported you in your journey to becoming a Culturally Safe midwife?
In what ways has reflecting on Culturally ways of knowing, being and doing transformed your midwifery practice perspective? What do you now understand about yourself as a Culturally safe midwife engaged on a journey towards cultural humility
What is your perspective regarding your responsibility as a future midwife to advocate and promote Culturally Safe care?
program that challenged your cultural awareness and humility. Using the following prompts, you will begin to unravel and reflect deeply on this experience by progressing through the six levels of reflection of the Bass Model of Holistic Reflection for Midwives.
This paper should be in APA format, without an Abstract.


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