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Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach to this research?

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ARTICLE and RUBRIC are attached
Using the assigned qualitative article linked below, write a critique using the guide for criteria below.
Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach to this research?
Title: Does the title suggest the key phenomenon and the group/person under study?
Problem statement: Is the problem clearly stated? What is the author’s argument for the study?
Research question: What is the research question?
Literature Review: How many studies are cited to summarize what is already known about this problem or phenomenon?
Conceptual underpinnings: What are the concepts that are being examined by the researcher. How are they defined? Is there a conceptual framework or philosophical approach presented?
Protection of rights
Design and research tradition
Data Collection/Procedure – how does the author explain how bias was minimized? What other procedures were used and how is it described to demonstrate that the researchers were adequately trained to collect the information?
Trustworthiness of methods: how was credibility, auditability and confirmability identified?
Discussion: What was reported as results? What are the implications and recommendations o the researchers?
Complete and submit the assignment by 9 pm EST Sunday module 3.
Submission Instructions:
The paper must be in APA 7 format (title page, body with subheadings and reference page) and have 450-500 words. Focus on reviewing the article, NOT on what you think of it. Your opinions can be put at the end under the heading: Opinion of the article. Consider carefully why this researcher chose a qualitative approach rather than a quantitative approach.


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