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Why are you interested in coastal carolina university:

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Why are you interested in Coastal Carolina University:
I became interested in Coastal Carolina University originally because of its close proximity to the beach, but that is now a small reason for a huge interest. I have a friend named Jacob that is a year older than me and attends Coastal Carolina University and he has nothing but good things to say. He claims he feels comfortable in the classroom and loves the community feel the school provides. I have also read many great things about the majors and courses the school offers. I am currently undecided on what I would like to major in but the finance and management majors. Another major draw for me at Coastal Carolina is the programs offered in Marine Science and other aquatic courses. I have always loved anything outdoors. A passion for fishing has given me a passion for all things aquatic, and I take every chance I get to learn more about the organisms in our waters. Conservation and habitat protection are very important to me. I think Coastal Carolina’s proximity to the water, and educational opportunities on these topics are a great fit for me.


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