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Thus the criteria for a mini-paper are: (1) clarity: do you make your supporting points clear?

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How would US politics change if we switched to a parliamentary system? In making your argument, discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of parliamentary and presidential systems – but apply these advantages and disadvantages to the American case!
write a mini-paper on one of the following prompts. Please rely on the assigned readings for the corresponding session. Mini-papers have three purposes. They provide a way for me to give credit for careful class preparation; they give you the opportunity to clarify your thinking by practicing analytic writing; Mini-papers are typed and are not longer than half a page, single-spaced, using standard margins and a font size of 12 (400 words max). Please note that all submissions will be screened for potential plagiarism. The mini-papers ask you a question about the assigned reading(s) and you will write a short composition that supports your answer to the question. To do this successfully, you must be able to support your answer with textual evidence, and guard against the tendency to ignore textual evidence that might undermine your thesis. The main objectives of this assignment are to develop your skills at a) thinking through complex texts that do not always provide simple answers, and b) writing a focused argument. There will be more than one persuasive answer to the question I ask. Thus the criteria for a mini-paper are: (1) Clarity: do you make your supporting points clear? (2) Precision and accuracy: do you draw your supporting points from specific places in the text, using quotation marks and page numbers appropriately, and do you make correct assertions about the text? (3) Comprehensiveness and balance: have you identified the textual passages important to this question? (4) Organization: do you present your arguments in a coherent order with smooth transitions and grammatical sentences? No need for any formatting. Single spaced. 400 words only. Use own thinking and support it from PDF attached and cite please. Please refer to more content from the readings I attached and cite them, in all paragraphs. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure all are met. Make sure it is 400 words please. Thank you


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