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This should be written as a systematic review paper.

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Instructions for paper
This should be written as a Systematic Review paper.
PICOT question is: Bachelor prepared nurses who work on a medical surgical unit with high nurse to patient ratio (P), how can they standardized nurse to patient ratio by using the standardization protocols by the American Nurses Association body nurse to patient ratio that is 1:4( I) on a medical surgical unit compared to traditional nurse to patient ratio of 1:8 (C) to improve nurse moral, decrease attrition, decrease nurses migration, and decrease burnout (O) within a timeframe of 6-12 months (T)?
Table 1: Included Studies and Rating of Evidence and Summary of Findings
This paper should be written in a table format these are the headings for each section
1. Author, Year, Title and source
2. Design and General Quality
3. Sample size and Participants
4. Interventions
5. Outcomes
6. Level of Finding Evidence (Brief)
7. Assessment of study quality
8. Discuss on whether any of these biases were used in this research as: selection, performance, detection, or attrition.
Must have conclusion.
Paper must be in APA format at least 3 pages. Please use only one article that I provided.


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