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Take pictures of the things that catch your eye.

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Humanities | 0 comments

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As you go about your normal life, consider the architecture all around you. Look at your home, the buildings along the streets, the place you work, where you attend school or worship, and the structures showcased in television and movies. Try to recognize the architectural elements and styles you are learning about. Take pictures of the things that catch your eye. You can complete this optional assignment to earn up to 15 extra credit points. Just submit the items below.
Share your overall experience in 6-7 sentences. You might discuss what architectural features you noticed, a new building you discovered, or if you were surprised by something along the journey.
Include two or three photos you took and explain why you were moved to capture those sights. Write 3-4 sentences for each picture. See How do I…? for instructions on adding images to a discussion post.
Comment on two classmates’ posts with 3-4 sentences each. Please leave these replies immediately after submitting your main post (leeway for the first two participants).

Grading Criteria:
Overall Experience: Overall experience of noticing architecture is provided, written in 6-7 sentences (or more).
Two Photos Explained: This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcom
Two (or more) photographs are included, along with 3-4 sentences on each explaining why moved to capture those sights.


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