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Henceforth, based on complicated vocabulary, changes should be based on using a basic unit of discourse and using more phrases (baker & páez, 2018).

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Language patterns reflections practice
Gillian L Souza
Arapahoe community college
Kathleen, Sutherland
24,April 2022
Language Patterns Reflective Practice
The role of the teacher in young children’s language development is crucial. Teachers should provide a model using a rich variety of language patterns and vocabulary. This language should be linked to the experiences that help make the meaning of the words, sounds, and patterns clear to young children (Baker & Páez, 2018). The undoing I have with children is that I think they are grownups; therefore, I always want to change everything at the moment, not considering that they can’t hold onto huge chunks of changes compared to grow-ups. Consequently, communicating with young children is an art that should be given an accolade. Based on the mannerism that I was used to, including the use of words and creation of completed sentences to children, being ambiguous when describing the shapes for children and lastly, having an encouraging tone and therefore expanding to children what they struggle to say to have to make meaning out of them(Ruming & McFarland, 2021). Noteworthy on correcting the mannerism, the tone, and more so the use of vocabulary in the right manner may change the language pattern for a better understanding.
Therefore, after a reflection, I realized that I should work on the mannerism, speed, and vocabulary to associate and communicate with children with ease. Henceforth, based on complicated vocabulary, changes should be based on using a basic unit of discourse and using more phrases (Baker & Páez, 2018). Learning a new language entails something more than memorizing syllables; it also entails understanding how utterances, tones, interruptions, and other elements come together to create understanding. Several small children require the whole course of a statement to understand it (Farrell, 2022). The greatest technique to get students to communicate in sentences is to encourage each person with each other because they are conversing. There’s no reason to think that everything I say would have to be a sentence. Although words, statements, and phrases convey, the sentence should be employed most of the time. For instance, instead of saying “a bed,” it is wiser and meaningful to say “that’s a picture of a bed” this makes it more precise and accurate, and the basic construction of sentences to be key.
Noteworthy, being as specific as possible when describing the dimensions, mass, altitude, breadth, and other characteristics of substances and persons. Children generally still only have different sizes: big and small, or even mothers and toddlers. Although people acknowledge such, they then could proceed on to the more precise statements. It’s simpler to confirm and typically better appropriate to have youngsters evaluate themselves through phrases of shortened or higher instead of more general measurements of larger and different sorts (Ruming & McFarland, 2021). For instance, Puff pastry dough could be bigger or smaller than the others, but comparing “reptiles” in terms of the length or thickness seems more appropriate. However, this would enable the children to grasp the information easily and understand easily as possible.
Furthermore, refining what youngsters might well have expressed in an inadequate fumbling syllable, sentence, or statement into a whole statement wherever possible (Baker & Páez, 2018). Although older siblings consider leaving out simpler language and have much more coherent pronouncements, this structure, which would be truly an adult-child interactions sequence, is more typically utilized in early childhood than with older kids(Yuan, Mak, & Yang,2022) ). Nevertheless, regardless of the gender of the participants concerned, this habit of deliberately having to listen and respond depending on what another individual has said is appropriate in all circumstances.
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