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Instructions Instructions Please respond to all 8 discussion separately/INDIVIDUALLY. Please divide the words equally between the 8 responses. Discussion #1Hello Professor,
These teachings of Jesus are important to Christianity because Philippians 2: 5-11 serves as a reminder that we should humbles ourselves just as Jesus did and to not think that we are better than anyone else. To remember that everyone is somebody to God and he sees and loves us all equally and we too should love without boundaries. We should have compassion just as Jesus does for our fellow brothers and sisters which includes the homeless, the drug addict, the prostitute, and those with diverse backgrounds other than ours. And Hebrews is testament of God’s word fulfilled through Jesus Christ’s obedience and because of it we too are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ so that we may spend eternity with Him.
Discussion #2Hello class,
Christian worldview beliefs are that God sent Jesus to earth to help humanity in teaching of the Gospel. Jesus in his wisdom was placed on earth to help humanity on how to be a good human. Jesus was on earth in physical form to provide personal example on how to live as a human, and how to follow God’s values and characteristics of a Christian. In Philippians 2:8, “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” Jesus died on the cross for humanity sins, but the message from God was to show his love for all his children.
Discussion #3
Jesus being fully God and fully human is important to Christianity because he lived his life in the way that God expected Adam and Eve to live. Unlike Adam and Eve, Jesus was not tempted by the devil, and he put his trust in God. Because of his unshaken faith, he knew what needed to be done to save humanity from sin. Jesus used his authority to demonstrate the power of God and faith. Without this authority, it would be easy for people to doubt the power of God and become influenced by the devil, or other religions. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for all humanity.
Discussion #4Good afternoon,
The teaching of Jesus is essential as he was for us. He gave his life to take away our sins. He instructed all to be kind and help one another. He would not have been able to show us the way if he was not human so that we could relate. We learn from one another, and being human gave us an understanding of the power we, as men, have to help each other and be kind. His divinity is significant to Christian because humans require a show of God’s power on earth. I believe that people would not have taken him as seriously if he could not also have divine powers. Men always seek understanding; with this, he could show he was as human as a man but also a God to listen to and praise.
Have a great day,
Discussion #5Hello Professor,
In the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) the theme that Jesus is communicating is about forgiveness and returning to God. You are never too lost to where you cannot return to God. He will always be there waiting with arms open for you. The three principal characters are the Father whom I believe represents God, the oldest of his son is someone that is saved and is faithful to God in doing his work. The youngest son is one who chooses to live their life idolizing wealth and wild living and in doing so he strays away from his Father. Later realizes that after he has spent his portion of his wealth, he is at the lowest point in his life and decides to return home to his father asking for forgiveness. I can identify with the youngest son, I have not had riches but have been to a low point in my life where I was living my life without God as center, When I realized my place being low, I turned to God and asked for forgiveness and changed my ways starting with always seeking Him in all that I do.
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.
Discussion #6
Hello class,
Prodigal Son in (Luke 15:11-32) speaks about Jesus’s communication with humanity. Jesus proceeds to preach his message about forgiveness and how God will forgive all his children regardless if they have sin. The three principal’s characters are the father, the younger son, and the older son. The father represents God, and he remains faithful to his children. The younger son represents the sin and repent. Humanity acknowledges on what we did wrong if humanity can be remorseful. God will forgive his children with open arms. The older son represents humanity when it comes to our judgement against others and religions. I believe I identify with the younger son. In my profession I deal with individuals who continue to make mistakes in life and hurt others. I never judge, but I do speak to them about forgiveness and to own up to their sins and God will forgive them.
Discussion #7Good evening Professor,
I believe that the main theme that Jesus is communicating is that we are all sinful by nature and may drift from the wisdom of God, however, if we repent for our wrong doing and seek of him, he will forgive, forget, and then be joyous. The characters I identify with the most is all three of them. I am not perfect by all means. I do my best in life to live by God’s commandments, but at times my foolish actions take the best of me. However, then I own up to my mistakes and ask God for forgiveness and in turn, he forgives me because he loves me. I can relate to the principles of the two brothers too,(envious and jealousy) at times we are jealous of others and other times we are stingy with the abundance of our estate and not willing to share them with others who are in great need.…… As a parent myself, I can relate to the Father. We give our children an abundance of things which are not needed at times, when we should teach them to be humble, grateful , be giving, and teach them to service others in need.
Discussion #8I believed that the theme for this parable is how God forgave his youngest son. He was the son that requested from his God the Father his portion of goods. The son left his father after receiving his goods and went out into a world of sins. He was living in another country, sinning and suffering., because he left his father. As long as he was with his father, the young son was doing well. Finally, his son decides to return home. He wanted to tell his father how much he has been sinning. As his son was coming home, God saw his son a great way off. He had compassion for his son and ran towards him and fell on his knees and kissed him (Luke 15:20). We should always remember that no-matter what, God loves us through our faults, sins and we can turn our backs on him, and he still won’t let us down. The three principal characters are God the father, the oldest son and the youngest son. I can identify with the youngest son, because I’ve been one of those kids that was loss and living in sin. I always, felt like I didn’t belong, so I allow my boyfriend to come and shacked up. In my pass, I use to drink. Even turned my back on God the father. Once I realized how bad things were for me and how wrong I was especially the directions I was headed down. It made me realize that this wasn’t the life for me. Home is where I belonged, so I headed back home, and I started praying to God the father. Life was starting to turn back around for me, because I prayed for forgiveness and one thing, I can say is that God not once turned his back on me. So, always remember who was in charge of me. Our life and who we can always count on for support is God.
The Holy Bible: (Luke 15:20), The African American Jubilee Edition, King James Version
Prescious Lamb of God,


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