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You will need to create a visual organizer/flow chart.

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I must create a visual organizer for my research on educational equity. I am attaching two files. The Action Research Planning and Doing file is just information on my research topic and why I chose the topic. It will help you create the visual organizer for research. The second file will contain the information regarding the assignment for this week which is the Visual Organizer. This file will be labeled as Module III Week 1 Establishing the Framework for Work. You will need to create a Visual Organizer/Flow Chart.
At a minimum, your visual organizer should contain one entry (bubble, rectangle, etc.)
for each of the eight action research steps, and for each of these bubbles, you will
want to create one or more bubbles that contain your first thoughts on each topic.
For example, under the data collection step, you may want to list the type of data
collection instruments you think you may want to use such as surveys, student
grades, interviews, etc.
Your posting should include your visual organizer and a brief descriiption of each of
your steps.
You will want to refer to the content in this overview and our studies thus far to
brainstorm each step of your process.


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