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Use the following to include in a references list:

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An exploratory case study aims to explore events or phenomena in everyday contexts in which they occur. The student will have decided using an exploratory case study is the most effective approach in a project observing the interactions of contract employees with staff employees to determine the influence of the staff’s safety culture on the actions of the contractor (currently the contract employees are somewhat indifferent to safety). As the consultant, the student will explain and discuss how he/she believes the study will play out, expected data, and how he/she will use that data.
***Please also refer to the attached instructions for structure of the work. Thank you and rubric is also attached
***The BUSI830 Textbooks/Articles and How to Cite/Reference:
According to the syllabus, there are three required and one recommended BUSI830 texts (not formatted in accordance with APA standards because the syllabus is required to provide the ISBN [not part of a reference citation] – see below). Please let me know immediately if you are experiencing problems obtaining. Use the following to include in a References list:
Yin, R. K. (2018). Case study research and applications: Design and methods (6th edition). SAGE.
Keller, T. (with Alsdorf, K. L.) (2012). Every good endeavor: Connecting your work to God’s work. Riverhead Books, Penguin Group.
George, M. L., Rowlands, D., Price, M., & Maxey, J. (2005). The lean six sigma pocket toolbook. McGraw-Hill.


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