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The deliverable for this project is a powerpoint presentation with at least 6 slides (plus a title and a reference slide) and 3 pictures only.

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Nursing Standpoint Informatics :
This presentation is designed to help students better understand the use of emerging wearable technology for healthcare needs.Wearable technology is defined as inventing, designing, building, or using miniature computational and sensory devices that one puts on one’s body. Smaller computer systems that one wears, and high-quality voice-activated inventions will facilitate the use of computers in nursing practice. One can wear wearable computers under, over, or within clothing. Sometimes, the device is the actual clothing. Wearable computing concerns devices that a person can put on. Examples include clothing or watches, jewelry, google glasses and other accessories. Emerging wearable devices are being used to provide remote monitoring of physiologic parameters in care settings, or even in patients’ own homes. This includes telehealth, which is described in chapter 18 of your textbook, and you will have an opportunity to explore this technology later in the semester.
Your assignment is to research emerging wearable technology and develop a PowerPoint proposal on taking a non-healthcare related technology and using it or adapting it to meet the needs of patients with health needs. Please be as creative as you can and really let your imagination flow. Read chapter 3 in your textbook and refer back to pages 59-61, and review Future of the human-computer interface in chapter 11. Search the index of your textbook as well for other sections that discuss wearable technology, for example, legal issues (Ch 5), human-technology interface (Ch 11-p 211), and promoting patient safety (Ch 15, p. 310-313).
General Instructions on how to do this Assignment:
The deliverable for this project is a PowerPoint Presentation with at least 6 slides (plus a title and a reference slide) and 3 pictures only. Adding more than 3 pictures will increase the file size to a point where it will not upload to Safe Assign. Be sure to give ownership credit for your pictures.
Include 3-8 sentences in the notes section at the bottom of each PowerPoint slide. These notes should describe the slide and its purpose as if you were giving an oral presentation.
Your presentation should be creative, visually appealing, and engaging. Be sure to review it for spelling, grammar and syntax errors.
As an outline, please use the following slide headings.
Introduction (Define Wearable Technology)
Emerging Technology (Present your technology)
Health Care Applications (How can this technology be adapted in health care)
Pros and Cons
References ( Minimum 3 )


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