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There are two Project/Leadership Integration Essays in this course. Each essay will be a minimum of 2,000 words. You may extend to 3,000 words (approx. 10–12 pages). There must be at least 6 high quality peer-reviewed sources plus the course textbooks. The sources must include Ahmed (2019), and Bartlett (2013) course textbooks. These two projects require substantial pre-work to research the topics, locating high quality sources and formatting each essay to strict APA requirements.
Authors should read the assigned chapters in Ahmed (2019), and Bartlett (2013). Then, answer the question being posed as a Christian leader with critical reflection of the topic, supported by in-text citations and examples. Each of these essays is focused on the development of students as Christian leaders in organizations. Demonstrate what you have conceptualized on each of the topics.
Module: Week
Project/Leadership Topics
Project/Leadership Integration Essay: Components of Analytics Driven Culture – Why are people the most important aspect in an analytics driven culture?
Text used:
Ahmed, M., Pathan, M.K. (2019) Title: Data Analytics: Concepts, techniques, and applications (1st ed). ISBN# 9781138500815 (Print),(E-Book): 9780429820908
Bartlett, R. (2013). A Practitioners Guide to Business Analytics: Using data Analysis tools to improve your organization’s decision making and strategy (1st ed). New York, McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780071807593


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