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Read: “problem statement guidelines.pdf” as seen under course materials reference/ course materials: week 1 & week 2

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Read: “Problem Statement Guidelines.pdf” as seen under Course Materials Reference/ Course Materials: Week 1 & Week 2
Submit your first Graded Discussion Board Assignment in the context of the questions raised below.
Total points possible: 10 Points.
Discussion board entries can be at least 100 – 200 words. Students must post their individual entries before seeing replies. Please read all the posts by other learners.
1) Share a major operational problem that is a day-to-day tactical pain point in your everyday life and/or works. Describe the problem as a statement in one or two lines only. (2 points).
Note on Problem Statement: In order for your business process to be effective and efficient, you have to define your problem. Every successful product or service reveals a few problem areas to the customer. If your product or service truly has no problem areas or pain points, then it’s highly unlikely to be successful. How do you discover the problem area from a day-to-day process perspective? If they aren’t clear to you already, try asking yourself some questions about your product or service and, in turn, the underlying day-to-day- process from the customer’s perspective. You may think through also from a perspective of external customer feedback received from outside the organization like vendors, partners, clients, prospects, market insight, etc) or from a lens of an internal process or internal customer feedback (inside the organization) internal departments.
2) What do you think is the day-to-day process name linked to the above problem today? (1 point) Name (.50 points) and explain the process. (.50 points)
3) What are the key reasons causing the problem? Provide at least 2-3 reasons in a few words (1 point)
4) Do you think some or all of the causes driving the problem are part of the process you described above and it may warrant further investigation to potentially improve the process? Provide an explanation of why or why not (2 points)
5) Have you ever experienced a situation or project in which the problem was not correctly identified? What was the result? Did the people involved discover the real issues? If so, how did they react or respond to the discovery? If not, what was the outcome of the issue? (2 points)
6) I encourage you to comment on at least one of your fellow students’ posts. (1 point). Follow the discussion comment guidelines published on Blackboard. (2 points)
You should be able to see other student’s posts on the discussion board AFTER you submission your response for a discussion assignment.
So you can read other students posts and share perspective or comment on their discussion submission.
For discussion board # 1 view/read any 1 student’s discussion submission and share what you liked or learned from their submission, offer any difference of opinion, if applicable or/and the rationale for the same.
Simply click ” Reply” , share your comment and then submit another post which only includes your commets on atleast one other student’s discussion submission – done AFTER you have submitted your answers to discussion questions above (Q1,Q2, Q3, Q4 Q5)
Good luck!


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