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Read “finally, there’s a bechdel test for muslim representation” (textbook pgs.555-559) in everything’s an arugument chapter 23 and read chapter 3 everything’s an arugument ( pgs.

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Read “Finally, There’s a Bechdel Test for Muslim Representation” (textbook pgs.555-559) in Everything’s An Arugument Chapter 23 and Read Chapter 3 Everything’s An Arugument ( pgs. 45-46). Review the power point for chapter 1 for help with the terminology it will be in the files. and read chp.3 Arguments Based on ethos powerpoint . Summarize the article in one paragraph, around 100 words.
NOTE: You must follow the summarization guidelines in the files provided and NO Plagiarsm what so ever .
Part II: Rhetorical Analysis
Analyze the article for specific elements listed below, 250 words or about ¾ – 1 page.
Tip: Review the power point for chapter 1 for help with the terminology.
identify the intended audience for the article
Identify the reason for the argument
Identify the occasion for the argument
Identify the type of argument offered by the author (factual, definition, evaluation, etc.).
Explain how the author establishes ETHOS (credibility, authority, motives) and provide specific examples /quotes/ explanation for each element of ethos.
Evaluate the overall strength and effectiveness of the author’s argument.
Part III – Your response to the article
What is your take on the issue under discussion? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s position? Elaborate in an extended paragraph (200 words).
Use MLA page format, font Times New Roman in size 12
Include MLA citation for the article (see EAA pgs.508-510 #3 and #10)

Everything’s An Argument with Readings 9th Edition is written by Andrea A. Lunsford; John J. Ruszkiewicz; Keith Walters and published by Bedford/St.
NOTE to the writer: i appreciate your hard work.
l’m muslim so Please be respectful when writing this article review.


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