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Please respond to the discussion post above 125 words or more.

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response to the discussion below

Discussion- What are some of the disadvantages faced by the little people we met in the film Big Enough? How did they overcome some of these disadvantages? How do you overcome disadvantages you face?
Please post a response, and remember to respond to two other people’s postings. Please support your answers with appropriate citations and references of external sources.
Please note:
Your main post should be substantive – at least 200 words, not including the Discussion questions or references. Each discussion response/reply to me or others must have a minimum of 125 words, spell checked, well written and citing references in support of arguments. Active participation is required. Please see “How You Will Be Evaluated” info located under Course Information.
In your reply to others: You could include additional research info (don’t just share a website link, explain what you found, summarize the info, and then share the website link), or, provide a few suggestions based on the class reading/additional reading, or explain why you agree or disagree with your classmate. Always provide at least ONE citation from the reading to ‘support’ your discussion.
Discussion Post
Some of the disadvantage faced by the little people we met in the film are how they are view in society (Krawitz). How they are “differently labeled” (Hardman et al., 2017, p. 3, p. 4).Their disadvantage are being too small, and they can’t do certain things like reaching for the door, the stove, and play in certain sports because of their height. Dating is another disadvantage for the little people. Most of the time they will have to date little people like themselves (Krawitz). Putting gas in their car or grocery shopping is another disadvantage for them. They usually need help from people who are taller than they are to help them with certain task. It is hard for them to manage their day to day lives with Dwarfism, but they manage pretty well. The little people overcome their disadvantage by not letting nothing stop them from living their lives. Even with the perception society have on them, they live and work and date in the same society as everyone else, and don’t care too much how they are view. The acceptance of their conditions and loving themselves (Krawitz). I overcome disadvantage i face by applying positive self talk into my life. I accept my condition as it is and i don’t let no one stop me from living my best life. I had a speech delay when i was a child and never received speech therapy for it, so as i grew up it is some what hard to pronounce certain words without it sound funny. Including the fact that i speak another language made it more obvious, like you can literally hear an accent and pronunciation is off sometimes. Sometimes, people would make fun of it, not knowing that it is not my fault that i couldn’t pronounce the word right.
Please respond to the discussion post above 125 words or more.


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