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No one is immune to influence.

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Write a (minimum) 2-3 page paper (500 word minimum) discussing stereotypes you’ve seen on television and how they have impacted your perception of others.
1.Chose 3 TV shows to discuss.
2.Identify the shows you watched and detail at least 1 specific example of stereotyping from each show.
3.Discuss how each of these stereotypical descriiptions have impacted society.
4.Discuss how each of these stereotypes has affected your perception of others.
5.Do not tell me you have never been influenced! Pick examples that have influenced you. No one is immune to influence.
Papers Must:
Be typed, 12 point font, MLA format
Include proper spelling, grammar, and sentence/paragraph structure.
Include a cover page and a works cited page
Include proper essay format (Introduction, body, conclusion


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