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Last, my entire family is from lebanon and i still go visit for vacation every summer.

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Hello and thank you for taking this assignment. For this assignment, I will be writing an email introducing myself to my new Business Writing Class team members. I will be creating projects with this group throughout the semester, so I need a well-written introductory email. This email will be no more than 350 words long. I have attached the rubric and instructions for this assignment, along with an outline I created that you should follow when writing. This will be read by my team members so do not use much complex language, please. This email must be a formal introduction that can be read easily by a University student. You will need some information about me, my name is John Zeaiter and I’m 19 years old and I’m from Peabody Massachusetts. My interests include having fun with friends and family and playing soccer. For work, I am an assistant to the owner of my father’s gas station company Zeaiter Corp. Last, my entire family is from Lebanon and I still go visit for vacation every summer. Those are just some things you may need to know about me for this email. thank you again for taking this assignment and good luck.


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