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Examples of education and evaluation methods that might be delivered include the following:

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Vulnerable Population Education
Focusing on the vulnerable population you described in the Unit 3 discussion, choose a community agency that serves that vulnerable population. Contact a community agency leader within that organization (like the director of the organization) to interview over the phone or through email to learn more about the agency. Develop an evidence-based COVID-19-related community-based education intervention project for the vulnerable population that includes interprofessional collaboration with the community-based agency.
Describe the vulnerable population.
Describe what makes the population vulnerable.
Provide demographic information about the population.
Identify a community agency that serves the vulnerable population.
Provide the organization’s name.
Provide the name and position (title) of the community agency leader within the organization that you contacted and interviewed.
Describe the services provided by the community agency.
Describe interprofessional collaboration with the community organization
How would this agency facilitate the delivery of an educational intervention impacting the health of the vulnerable population?
Propose an evidence-based COVID-19 related education intervention to improve the vulnerable population’s health outcomes.
Explain the rationale for the education intervention you chose.
Explain how you anticipate the education intervention will improve health outcomes for the vulnerable population.
Discuss the method or approach you propose to deliver the education intervention.
Discuss how you would measure whether the education was effective.
Examples of education and evaluation methods that might be delivered include the following:
Staff training using a two-page handout on COVID-19 policies for community-based organizations serving vulnerable populations followed by a short quiz
Creating COVID-19-related health education materials on a brochure for a vulnerable population served by a community-based organization followed by return demonstration of using hand sanitizer
This assignment is part of experiential learning for this course and must be successfully completed in order to pass the course. If the student fails to successfully complete any part of the Unit 3 IP assignment, the instructor will specify the failure in the grade comments and assign a “0” grade. The student may resubmit the assignment one time with corrections and a 20% penalty of total possible points.
Students are not to have any in-person contact with the vulnerable population or community agency during the pandemic. The education and evaluation plans are proposals that will be created in the Unit 4 IP but not delivered in-person to the vulnerable population.


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