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Co-1 define features of the legal environment that are applicable to the business world.

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Week 5 Assignment – Course Project Part 1
This Assignment begins your Course Project. You must read Assignment 7 Instructions first for this Assignment!
Course Objectives:
CO-1 Define features of the legal environment that are applicable to the business world.
CO-2 Explain basic business law concepts
CO-3 Apply legal concepts to business scenarios.
CO-4 Apply ethical concepts to business scenarios.
CO-5 Explain the role of corporate social responsibility in business management.
ASSIGNMENT: Worksheet Outline Preparation for Week 7 Assignment – Due Week 5 Sunday, 11:59 pm ET
Go to Week 7 Assignment – Read Instructions there. Choose the company for your case study from the selection provided in the Week 7 Assignment.
*NOW DOWNLOAD & SAVE: Attached to this Assignment is a WORD Document that is your homework paper for this Assignment. Download and save this document and complete the chart. Do not recreate a another, or different, document or change the format of this Assignment (except to save to your computer and re-open if necessary for input on the document). This is the form that you are to use. The first page provides complete instructions and guidelines.
A SAMPLE completed homework document is also attached to show you how it should be done.
When you have completed the document, saveand SUBMIT it to this Assignment box as a WORD document.
*Please put your NAME on the document and in the file name!
*Grading will be by points per question as shown on far right column of the chart. This Assignment is worth a total of 100 points.
This Outline will be the basis for your PowerPoint presentation for the Week 7 Assignment, Part II of the Course Project.
Attached is Week 7 Instruction and some Course Lessons,
Assignment, Course Reserve reference to be used. Also, I have attached the example of this completed outline.
Use the template BUSN311 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet 2022.


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