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Keep it short and sweet.

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Leadership | 0 comments

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Please look at the attachments:

1/ first attachment picture represent the capstone outline, please follow exactly based on my topic.

2/ please refer to the word document, it’s just an example of the project and how it is written, please use same tone.

3/ please find attached a questionnaire and include it in my capstone project, please add that this note (questionnaire has been distributed anonymously to Ras Al Khaimah Government Employees) – then I need you to comment and analyze the results of the questionnaire and relate that to my topic.

4/ last is the proposal of the capstone project, which you should use to write all this project based on. And add please the references used in the proposal.

The capstone project notes that you should consider is below: Why is my capstone project necessary? (Clear and convincing arguments) Use signal phrases to enhance the work. Fact articles. Ariel Font – 1.5 space – 5 to 7 lines each paragraph. Keep it short and sweet. Use time transition words. Use active not passive verbs. Use present not past verbs. Formal language.( for example : not isn’t use is not ) The intent of my project is to convince people about my topic and idea. Write to express not to impress. Creative language.

Please add one paragraph where you see suitable to relate the project to Rotterdam city. it’s just one paragraph. Where ever you see suitable in the format.


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