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While no plan offers what the us is seeking, what are your thoughts about the aca and obamacare?

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Respond to the following:


Debbie Laughon

9/8/22, 10:26 PM

Americans sometimes can lose sight of reality of the world and how much we have and often take for granted. While it seems like the Affordable Care Act was recent, it has been 10 years and there are still many that oppose the efforts of this plan to ensure coverage and control cost of healthcare in the US. As we will see in this week’s assignments, one of the challenges is that healthcare in the US is funded in a variety of ways/sources and they aren’t all equal. As you stated insurance plays a significant role, as the third-party payer of care. The business is very complicated and there are many versions, with different levels of coverage. It is estimated that we still have close to 30 million individuals with no coverage and that is improved from 10 years ago when there were over 40 million. This is according to the 2018 US Census Bureau. One of the biggest drivers of the changing rate is the Obamacare plan. While no plan offers what the US is seeking, what are your thoughts about the ACA and Obamacare? Did this regulation improve the status of access to healthcare in the US? How many Americans are uninsured?


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