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This statement will ideally include:

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Summary of Proposed Topic for Literature Review – Please submit by Week 3 (Sept. 7)
Write a brief descriiption of your research idea and proposed literature review. Prepare a 2 – 3 page proposal for the course itself. This proposal will serve as a contract – a statement of expected outcomes and anticipated steps toward achieving the student’s objectives. This statement will ideally include:
• A descriiption of your overall research interest (at this point in time)
• Your theoretical framework or possible theoretical constructs you are considering (if known) and why.
• Particular theory or theorists you plan to pursue (if known).
• A descriiption of the work you have done to date on your topic
• Which faculty members in the program might have interests/knowledge that would make them potentially good fits to serve on your dissertation committee or thesis/portfolio committee.
• Your goal regarding your lit review by the end of the semester – what is the product you propose having accomplished by the end of the course?
• Specific assistance or support you are seeking through taking this course.
• Brief annotated bibliography of sources you plan to draw on (again, to the extent you know). Ideally, by the 3rd class period, you will have identified 15-20 potential scholarly references.


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