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For this week’s discussion, create a brief presentation addressing the following:

Your business plan is now complete. Imagine you are in front of a group of investors, presenting your business idea and encouraging them to invest in your chosen company.
Title Page with the company name and your name.
Outline of What You Do.
Target Market.
Market Size.
How big is the market or industry on which you’re focusing?
What are the growth opportunities?
Who are your key competitors?
Your Management Team.
Who runs the business?
What are their roles and key skills?
Business Model.
How will your business make money?
What key financial information does your audience need to decide whether to invest in you and your business?
Funding You Are Seeking.
Why Will Investors Want to Invest in This Business and in You?
Select one of these formats:

PowerPoint with notes; no more than 10–12 slides.
Audio over PowerPoint.
Video presentation over PowerPoint
Storytelling (video recording)—no PowerPoint needed for this option.
Reminder: You have been working with the information for this presentation all quarter in the discussion and assignments. This is not new information. Now is your chance to succinctly show investors what your chosen business is all about and why they should want to invest in you and your company.

Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.


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