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Compare and contrast. 

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You are to write the research paper in accordance with APA standards and cite a minimum of five (5) scholarly peer reviewed journal sources and three (3) entire scripture verses. 

Your paper submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Word Document.” 

  • Title page with a “Running head:” page number (top right), your name, course, date, and an appropriate title. 
  • Use double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font. 
  • Support your position. 
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion. 
  • Upon citing works, add a separate reference page. 

These APA additions are NOT a part of the word count that should approximate 1500 words. 



  1. Develop and describe the principles by which they operate their business. Also, how do the practices align with these principles. That is, the principles behind the practices. 
  2. What differentiates a “good” business from a faith-based business: Is there a difference and should it be different? Compare and contrast. 
  3. Would you operate your business by these principles and what would it look like in practice? Does it matter? Explain and defend. 

Support your position with scripture and faith integration.  


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