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Signs: a sign is composed of a signifier & signified meaning(s)

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FIRST Watch Art 21: Secrets
Watch Art 21: Secrets (Links to an external site.) (if you have not done so already)
you can click or cut and paste the link below if the clickable link is not working: (Links to an external site.)

NEXT: Respond to this video using at least one of the concepts you learned in the Week 1-2 Pear Decks.

FIRST: Pick one specific artist segment of the Art: 21 video you watched to respond to.
NEXT: Discuss the segment you select using one of the key concepts you learned about in the Week 1-2 Pear Decks (USE THE LIST OF KEY CONCEPTS PROVIDED BELOW). Perhaps the concept of visuality/counter-visuality is most relevant to the segment you selected. As such, this might be the best concept to use in order to discuss the portion of the video you have selected. Avoid simply summarizing the video, only include portions of the video most relevant to the concept you chose. Describe the portions of the video that are most pertinent to the concept you selected.

Images do not mean the same thing to all people. (The consumption of an image is dependent on our own culture and experiences, We do not read images the same way)
Visual Culture is concerned with the social embeddedness of images/visual creations
Visual Culture is concerned with the social embeddedness of the viewer
Definition of culture according to Raymond Williams: ideologies, shared ways of life, and cultural production (LINK) to the video)
Visual Culture examines the act of seeing as a product of tensions between external images/objects & internal thought processes

Visuality and Counter-Visuality
Roland Barthes’ studium and punctum
The power of personal photographs that are made public
The myth of photographic truth – according to Practices of Looking
analog/digital photographic manipulation
photography and interpretation
staged photography
Signs & Semiotics (semiotics study of signs) this topic includes the following items:
signs: a sign is composed of a signifier & signified meaning(s)
Denotation/Connotation according to Roland Barthes

use the journal format provided below
clearly identify which concept you are applying to the video segment you’ve selected
clearly identify the Art 21 segment you will be discussing
be at least 300 words long
be in your own words
be your personal interpretation of the video segment & how it connects to the concepts you learned about
provide support for your opinions
explain why you feel the way you do
this assignment is not about getting something right or wrong, it’s about working through your thoughts on both the Pear Deck and the content of the videos you watch
Do not simply summarize the video again, this assignment is about considering one concept you’ve learned about and how it may relate to the video segment you have selected.
your voice and your perspective is an important aspect of this assignment
I know may be new to you — do your best!


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