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Pertinent literature cited.

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Brief summary of article
1. Statement of problem/issue discussed 10
2. Purpose, research question(s)/hypotheses if a research
article, approach, methods; clinical focus or intervention,
policy recommendation, etc.)

3. Major findings, discussion/conclusions, implications 20
Evaluation of article
4. Evaluate the title for appropriateness and clarity. 5
5. How well does the abstract provide a clear and specific
representation of the article?

6. Purpose clearly stated in the introduction? 10
7. Pertinent literature cited.
Relevance and accuracy of discussion section of article.

8. Evaluate the application of findings (in the article) to health
disparities and health inequities in general.

9. Describe the article’s relevance for psychology, nursing,
sociology, social work and/or other health care

10. How might the findings of this article be applied to
residents of the US Virgin Islands?

11.Organization/APA Format 10


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