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Examine various leadership models for utility in fast-paced, ever-changing environments.

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Leadership Presentation

Throughout the course of the semester, you will be engaged in practice experiences in an advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) role. You will be asked to reflect on these experiences in the role of a nurse leader as you develop a greater understanding of the theories and competencies guiding these areas of practice. Reflecting serves several purposes. In addition to being a source of information to your course faculty about your practicum progress, it provides a vehicle to record your experiences and behaviors reflective of your progress in demonstrating appropriate APRN role behaviors. Seldomridge & Walsh (2006) note, “Professional judgment develops and matures with the acquisition of greater content knowledge and the reflective analysis and evaluation of actual practice experiences” (p. 132). Reflecting on practicum experiences will not only assist you to identify areas for further development but will also help you to retain and build upon the effective APRN behaviors you already demonstrate.

• Analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, and application of leadership models in practice.
• Identifies own leadership qualities and practices as they relate to the leadership models
• Uses reflective observation skills to refine effective APRN role performance behaviors and to identify areas for further development as a leader.

• 15 to 20 min presentation

You will develop an oral and visual presentation following the directions below for analysis and reflection.
• The visual presentation will use technology such as (but not limited to) PowerPoint or Presi
• The oral presentation will be in person or via zoom if needed
• The final visual presentation (PowerPoint) will be uploaded to Moodle/ Live Text

1. Analysis of Leadership Models:

a. Examine various leadership models for utility in fast-paced, ever-changing environments. Include an exploration of strengths and weaknesses.

b. Analyze characteristics of complexity and their impact on leadership.

c. Articulate personal values and beliefs about leadership models and own leadership qualities and practices and how they compare to the models explored.

d. Articulate personal goals for adapting to leadership roles in the presence of chaos and uncertainty.

2. Reflection:

a. Use a model of APRN practice as a framework for your reflections. Use any published model of APRN practice.

b. Select one or several experiences that have occurred in the previous weeks in your APRN student practicum.

c. Use the framework to direct your reflections of the experiences. Describe how you used advanced nursing theory, research, evidence-based practice guidelines, professional practice standards, teaching-learning theory, and/or advanced nursing science to assess, intervene, manage, understand, and/or evaluate this (these) experience(s) in light of your developing APRN role as a leader.

d. Document any outcomes achieved in managing or reflecting on the experience(s) of leadership.

e. Describe how you work(ed) collaboratively with others in your practicum environment to achieve desired outcomes, address challenging practice problems, and use appropriate professional practice standards and guidelines.

f. Evaluate your progress to date in meeting leadership goals for the practicum that you set with your preceptor at the beginning of the semester. Describe any changes you would make in your goals and/or behaviors to ensure that you demonstrate effective APRN leadership behaviors.


1. Provides and in-depth analysis of the various leadership models and thoroughly identifies the strengths and weakness of the different models.
2. Articulately discusses how complex organizations can affect leadership roles.
3. Reflects on own leadership values and practices and how they compare to the models explored.
4. Articulately identifies goals for adapting leadership roles in the context of a rapidly changing and fast-paced health care system.
5. Thoughtfully selects appropriate frameworks, theories, standards of practice and guidelines to describe, analyze, and evaluate own developing APRN role behaviors in practicum.
6. Authentically identifies work already done through collaboration, addressing challenging problems, and using professional practice and guidelines in the development of leadership skills and implications for own APRN practice as a CNS.
7. Effectively describes and provides evidence for progress made in the role of leader
8. Develops a clear, articulate and creative presentation that engages the audience.


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