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You will identify a theme for your canon and then select 6–10 works for this can

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You will identify a theme for your canon and then select 6–10 works for this canon. You will create a PowerPoint presentation naming your theme, defining it
and discussing its relevance in larger society. Include one slide about each of the 6–10 works, explaining why the work fits your theme and how it reflects issues
in the world at large. Your project should include 10–15 slides, with the notes section used to share what your spoken presentation would be for each
slide. Your final slides should be an MLA-style Works Cited page with in-text citations used in the notes section as needed. You will discuss/define your theme for
a canon and argue why the 6–10 books you selected fall under that theme.
The theme I have chosen for my final project is how the value of women is seemingly attached to the men that they are involved with and how this thinking is ingrained in women from a young age. I picked this topic because I was talking to a young patient the other day and first off I thought she was too young to have a boyfriend but she told me how she broke up with her boyfriend because she wanted to date the fastest runner in her camp. She stated that dating him made her more popular because of who he was. Granted this is a innocent example but as an adult you can see the problem with this way of thinking.
I am going to be focusing on the book Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. The book follows a young woman named Tracy who values material things more than anything else. Throughout the book we see her interactions with men and how she loves them and leaves them when she thinks someone more influential comes along. Tracy knows that she is a pretty girl and that she can easily use her charm to get a man to do just about anything for her. She realizes that her superiority amongst other females is not only attached to her material wealth, but it is also attached to her ability to get next to the guy that no other girl can seem to get next to. She values her status in the streets more than anything else and even if it means putting herself into compromising positions, she wants more than anything to remain on top.


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