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Write a Proposal for Change that critically examines the role of cyberactivism w

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Write a Proposal for Change that critically examines the role of cyberactivism within the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Thesis Statement Outline:
“The current problem at [insert PHENOMENA AS IT RELATES TO SOCIAL MOVEMENT] is that [INSERT PROBLEM HERE]. This problem causes __[ ]__ and does not __[___]___. While [INSERT SOCIAL MOVEMENT] has __[INSERT PAST SOLUTIONS]____ in the past, they did not ___[ ]_____. We propose __[INSERT YOUR SOLUTION]____ in order to address _[INSERT PROBLEM]___. Therefore, __[YOUR SOLUTION]____will _[INSERT RESULTS OF YOUR SOLUTION]_____.”
Introduction: (5%)
Be persuasive; use rhetorical appeals and strategies. Include:
Current state of movement and its contentions / struggles / etc. due to cyberactivism
Convince reader that this problem still exists, especially in the movement
State your thesis that includes the solution (hence this propsal is the solution)
Present Problem (20%)
This section includes the movement and problem analysis. Include:
Brief overview of the movement
Evaluate the movement as it relates to the cyberactivism problem
Describe the cyberactivism problem
Deeply and historically discuss the cyber problem and its dimensions in the movement
Argue that the problem can be solved (but don’t solve it yet in this section; just briefly reiterate your thesis statement here).
Past Digital Solutions (10%)
Provide a summary of past solutions to the specific problem in this movement and include:
Summarize AND discuss failed digital solutions and discuss why they aren’t valid to solve this problem you’ve noticed
There are/were other digital solutions that are related to the problem and similar to your solution, but you are discussing how others have failed and come up short
Present your Credibility (3%)
Include the following:
Your professional/personal investments in this Proposal
Prior experience and preparation for this line of inquiry
Research, experience, etc.
Present your Proposed Solution (30%)
Present your claim (reiterate your thesis)
Explain the specifics of your cyberactivism solution (break down its intricacies)
Demo and share your actual solution (provide visuals, a layout, and sample/model)
Consider using this framework when presenting a solution – (1) Goal, (2) Outcomes, (3) Activities, (4) Outputs, (5) Time Frame, and (6) Risks
Justification of Implementation and Impact (20%)
Convince the reader that your proposal should/could be implemented and provide predicted impact. Include:
Further Present and Develop Solution as Feasible
Further Present and Develop Solution as implementable
Further Present and Develop Solution as best Impact on the Problem
Further Present and Develop Solution as Best Solution, Short and Long Term
Conclusion (2%)
Restate your proposal, summarize main arguments, and entice your readers to act with a call to action.
What is the larger significance and impact of your results – not just for your movement participants but for larger things outside of the movement? What can they do to take part in this?
MLA Citations (10%)
All 10 should be listed and cited here, in addition they should all be present at least once as in-text citations throughout your proposal in the sections above.


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