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Step 1: Identify and read at least two read at least two recent newspaper, magaz

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Step 1: Identify and read at least two read at least two recent newspaper, magazine, or other Web articles about food in the Northeastern United States.
Readings may focus on the cuisine of region broadly, a particular ingredient or dish, or even a well-known restaurant or food event.
Step 2: Compose a new entry for the Food Map, Northeast Region, of no more than 250 words. Remember to choose something not already on the map. (Also include an image for your map entry.) As you prepare your post, you might ask yourself such questions as:
What are the ingredients? What does it taste like?
How is it made? Who prepares it and when?
Who eats it? Where, when, and among whom do they eat it?
Why have you chosen this particular dish to mark this particular place?
How did this dish come to be important in this place?
Is this dish only important in this place or is it also important elsewhere? If the latter, where else is it important? If this dish is important in other places, does it have the same significance/meaning in these other places?
What significance does this dish have for the people who eat it?
Step 3: Post your map entry and image no later than 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday.
Step 4: By 11:59pm Pacific Time on Thursday, review the work of your classmates and comment on at least two posts. Please prioritize those posts that have yet to receive two comments.
First, skim all posts to get a sense of what these posts, as a set, tell us about food in this region.
Each of your comments should be at least a complete paragraph and make connections to Kurlansky. As you prepare your comments, consider:
Patterns you noticed in the kinds of foods featured in classmates’ posts;
Distribution of these dishes within this region;
Meanings of these dishes to the people who eat them;
And noteworthy differences within this region.


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